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"The album that they have produced is an atmospheric highlight, one bordering on magnum opus status, one heavily emotional and original."

For us, music is life. It is all we live for.

ALL I LIVE FOR is a four-piece metal band hailing from Leeds, UK. Despite the heavy breakdowns, the band are not shy about exposing their heartfelt side. Their unique sound is focused around powerful guitars, empowering lyrics and a choral section saturated with emotive vocal harmonies.

The band's highly anticipated debut album, 'We Are The Angels', has garnered many positive reviews since its release in August 2021. Included are the singles 'See My Soul', 'Godspeed', 'We Are The Angels', 'Awaken' and the band's latest release, 'Set Me Free'. Notably, the album was mastered by multi-Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen (Foo Fighters, Guns 'n' Roses, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mötley Crüe, Game Of Thrones...).

"With their trademark heavy sound that is mixed with potent vocals that just seems to get the ambience just right, this is a booming effort that is rather pain-alleviating and an exceedingly quality listen."

"There’s a lot more going on here and instrumentally the band are a lot stronger than I was expecting initially. [The band] have pulled off a really strong debut album."

The band has a growing and dedicated fanbase since their debut release. This is guaranteed to surge with their second album, which is already in production and will be released in 2024 with a UK tour to follow.

We can all be angels in this life, standing for the good and determining the state of our world for future generations. Let's make it beautiful and grow together towards a positive evolution of (human) being.

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Set Me Free

Set Me Free is a straight-up driving rock song with a memorable chorus melody and riffs all over it. Included in this release is a previously unreleased B-side called 'When You're Too Far'.



Awaken is an epic that begins with a rock ballad feel, houses an incredible guitar solo and finishes with a riff that will get you nodding! Included in this release is a previously unreleased B-side called 'Imminent'.

"Featuring a riveting sound that cuts through all of those dusty chains that have been holding back a soul that needs to be free from the past, ALL I LIVE FOR confidently urge us to get that saw ready and get rid of anything in the way with their passionate new single 'Awaken'."


We Are The Angels

The title track and third single from ALL I LIVE FOR's debut album. Embedded within the lyrics is a powerful underlying message that we are all responsible for the good in the world. We are the angels.

"The sound mass is incredibly gigantic... A melodic construction that fills the ears, almost like a vocal orchestra, a song that perfectly fit each instrument in its place, an emotional sequence of notes."



Godspeed is the most recently written song from ALL I LIVE FOR's debut album. It makes use of highly elaborate vocal harmonies throughout, which complement the driving guitar riffs. Within the lyrics is a message of hope that comes from reflecting on your life and going in the direction you choose.

"Definitely a go to on this LP. This song also includes some growl, which adds brutality and a small accent of darker metal subgenres. It all results in a great song."


See My Soul

The first single from ALL I LIVE FOR's debut album, 'We Are The Angels'. This song is about expressing feelings associated with a break-up, yet knowing that you will always be there for the other person.

"See My Soul epitomises great strong structure and emotion, providing intricate guitar trickery and thought-provoking lyricism."


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